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Irish-themed Panorama Shows and Harrigan's Hibernian Company

Pat Touhey's first known musical engagement was with an Irish-themed panorama show, 1885-86. For an overview of his experience, see Pat Touhey's Earliest Known Tour. The material below is about panorama shows generally, other panorama companies, and the activities of Harrigan's Hibernian Company before and after Touhey was with it.

Panorama Shows generally
Selected references

"Things We'd Like-"
'In the days of our youth, long before motion pictures had ever been dreamed of, there used to be organizations traveling through the country featuring what were known as panoramas. These used to be set up on the stage a short distance from the back drop.
'The panoramas consisted of a series of paintings about five by eight feet. They were attached to two upright spools and the operator usually was a boy who sat out of sight beside one spool and wound it up as the other spool unwound. There was a curtain in front with an opening just large enough to make a frame for the picture.
'Among the most popular of these panoramas were those with a special appeal to the Irish people of whom there were many immigrants in those days. In connection with the showing of the panorama and its accompanying lecture, a number of specialty performers took part. The lecturer usually played the part of the head of a small party of tourists taking in the beauties of the Emerald Isle. There would be an Irish comedian acting as a guide who would break into a song or a dance at the slightest provocation. He was accompanied by a soubrette who played the part of an Irish colleen, and she could execute an Irish jig "like nobody's business." Then there would be a blackface comedian, a protean artist who specialized in character changes and an old fashioned Dutch comedian with wooden shoes and a paintbrush beard attached to his chin.
'Among those companies which remain in our memory were McEvoy's Mirror of Ireland, McGill & Strong's Hibernian Minstrels and Howarth's Hibernicon. There were others in different parts of the country of which we had no knowledge. Some of the most prominent comedians of a later date served their time with those old Irish panoramas. [Mention here of John T. Kelly, "The Rolling Mill Man"] Another who rose to the top was Jerry Cohan. He was "Dublin Dan" with Howarth's Hibernicon and Mrs. Cohan was the colleen. This was before the days of the "Four Cohans" of whom he was the leader, with Mrs. Cohan and their talented children, George and Josephine Cohan forming the company. George M. Cohan is known today as America's best loved actor.'
Plattsburgh [NY] Daily Press April 15, 1939 p. 4 column 1
From NYS Historic Newspapers

The Lost Panoramas of the Mississippi by John Francis McDermott, U of Chicago Press, 1958.
Illustration of machinery for Banvard's moving panorama, p. 30. Originally published in Scientific American, Dec. 16, 1848.
Illustration of advertisement showing Banvard exhibiting before Queen Victoria, p. 45.

Civil War Panorama: a Moving Panorama Painting Entitled "Battle Scenes of the Rebellion" by Thomas Clarkson Gordon, 1841-1922 Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan 1959 n.p.
A vertical scroll panorama. Includes pictures of the original machinery.

'... that ever-popular staple of Georgian theater, the transformation scene. Such a scene was achieved by very gradually changing the lighting on a painted scrim-a sheet of gauze or a fine shrimp-net. What before had appeared solid-the side of a brick building, say-could be made gradually transparent by simultaneously reducing the light on the front of the scrim and increasing the light behind it. When the "transformation" was complete, the now invisible scrim was quickly raised to the flies. The effect was the equivalent of a "dissolve" or "mix" in cinema; but where cinematic dissolve is largely a mere transitional device, not designed to be appreciated for its own sake, "transformation" was so remarkable, so breathtaking and miraculous, that it became an effect treasured for itself....'
Paul Fussell The Great War and Modern Memory Oxford University Press 1975 p. 203.

No certainty that "transformations" as here described were used in panoramas, but I suspect these kind of effects were striven for.

Other companies of Irish-themed panoramas:

Dr. Corry's Ireland in Shade and Sunshine* active 1871
Erin and the Brennans active c. 1873-74
Dalley's Historic Hibernia* active 1874
Baker's Grand Hibernian Gems* active 1874
McGill and Strong's Minstrel Company* active 1876
McNevin's Panorama of Ireland, with Dan Nash and Kate Cooper, active 1880
Grattan's Panoramic Mirror of Ireland active 1881-82
The Dan Nash Hibernian and comedy company active 1885, 1893^
Dan Nash's Panorama of Ireland 1892^
Howarth's Great Hibernian Comedy company "Mirror of Ireland" active c. 1885-9 as Howorth's Hibernia* 1886
Dan Nash's Hibernicon Comedy and Specialty Company 1886-7
John Sheehan's Hibernian Tourists active 1891
Sullivan's Hibernian Comedy company "Mirror of Ireland" "Kitty of Cork" active c. 1894 - 5
Howorth Hibernica Co. 1906

These names from Fulton History index; those with asterisk from "Appendix: Database of Irish Vaudeville Acts 1865-1905" in Irish Stereotypes in Vaudeville, 1865-1905 by Jennifer Mooney, Palgrave Macmillan, 2015. With up arrowhead, from Odell, George C. D. Annals of the New York Stage, Columbia Univ. Press 1949 vol. XV pp. 449, 533.

And these three companies:

Burke's Tableau of Erin active 1873-75

Pittston, PA Phoenix Hall Feb. 5-6, 1873
"Entire new performance With the famous Tableaux of Erin [with the ] Rollicking Guide, John M. Burke, supported by the well known Hibernian Comedy Company in a new and original farce ...
O'Donohoe's Ghost ...
Patrick Fay as --- Shaun, the piper ...."
Pittston [PA] Gazette Jan. 30, 1873 p. 2 column 4 ad+
The earliest found ad similar to this:
Lowell, MA Music Hall Oct. 17-19, 1872 "Tableaux of Erin"
Lowell [MA] Daily Citizen and News Oct. 14, 1872 p. 2 column 3 ad+
Later ad:
Bangor, ME Norombega Hall July 11 and 13, 1874 "Burke's Tableau of Erin"
Bangor [ME] Daily Whig and Courier July 11, 1874 p. 2 column 6 ad+
Other shows:
Boston, MA June 20 - 21, 1873
Salem, MA Oct. 15 - 16, 1873
Hartford, CT Nov. 7 - 10, 1873
Middletown, CT Nov. 13, 1873
Reading, PA May 19 - 20, 1874
Newport, RI June 18, 1874
Portland, ME July 3 - 4, 1874
Kennebec, ME July 10, 1874
Providence, RI Aug. 28 - 29, 1874
Lowell, MA Sep. 4 - 5, 1874
Springfield, MA Nov. 10 - 11, 1874
Middletown, CT Nov. 23, 1874
Port Chester, NY Jan 1 - 2, 1875

MacEvoy's Hibernicon or New Hibernicon active 1863-88

NYC Hope Chapel March 17, 1863
Circus; Panoramas, 1862-1863.
"On St. Patrick's Day, March 17th, appropriately enough, Hope Chapel began to exhibit the Hibernicon, or, a Tour in Ireland, a pictorial and musical exhibition by MacEvoy, assisted by Kate MacEvoy, "Erin's gifted child of song," accompanied on the harp by her sister Marie, "the accomplished harpist and contralto," and by Master Spalding MacEvoy, as Barney the Guide, who, with his sister Theresa, sang several comic songs and duets. This show continued for several weeks; its panoramic views of Irish scernery induce me to list it under the present heading."
Annals of the New York Stage by George C. D. Odell, Columbia Univ. Press 1931 vol. VII p. 525
The Hibernicon played in Brooklyn in Montague Hall on June 3, 1863, Annals, vol. VII p. 537-38

Syracuse, NY Corinthian Hall Jan. 25-?, 1864
City Items.
'The Hibernicon,-The Hibernicon, or Scenes of a Tour Through Ireland, an entertainmnet said to be of great merit, consisting of paintings, music, and dramatic representations of Irish character, advertises to open at Corinthian Hall on Monday evening. The Hibernicon is making a tour of the West. It is thus spoken of by the Utica Telegraph, where it has given several exhibitions:
'The Hibernicon.-Miss Searle's Benefit.- ... Mr. C. MacEvoy again delighted the audience with his Irish bagpipes imitation, playing "St. Patrick's Day in the Morning," "Yankee Doodle," and, two, or three other pieces. ...'
from the ad:
'This splended work of art will be opened in this city on Monday evening. It is painted on 11,000 feet of canvas, by the distinguished French artist, M. M. Dulocq[?] and Fronchere[?], and represents the principal Cities, Public Buildings, [?] and Lakes Mountains[?], Ports[?] and River[?] Scenery of Ireland.
'The Paintings will be accompanied by Vocal and Instrumental Music by a troupe of talented artists, who will perform on the Piano, Violin and Harmonium.
'... and interesting and humourous Irish character is introduced in "Barney the Guide," represented by Mr. John Heron[?], the popular Irish Comic Vocalist....'
Syracuse [NY] Daily Standard Jan. 23, 1864 p. 3 announcement column 1, ad+ column 4
Syracuse NY Daily Standard 1864-1864 - 0630.PDF

Memphis, TN Greenlaw Hall Jan. 30-Feb. 1, 1867
"Ould Ireland.-Prof. MacEvoy's Hibernicon of a tour in Ireland, opened last night in the Greenlaw hall, which was crowded, standing room being at a premium. The entertainmnet was well received. The paintings are true to life and nature. ... Mr. Chas. MacEvoy's performance on the violin (during which he gave some very excellent imitations of the Irish pipes) was loudly encored. The professor gave very interesting descriptions of the scenes through which the traveller passes during a tour of Ireland. ..."
Memphis [TN] Daily Appeal Jan. 31, 1867 p. 3 column 2
Library of Congress Chronicling America

Albany, NY Association Hall Oct. 29-Nov. 6, 1869
MacEvoy's ...
The New Hibernicon!
A Tour in Ireland, or Ireland in America.
'... after a most successful run of three months with the "New Hibernicon" at Pike's Opera House, New York....
'Mr. Robert Byrne ... as ... Barney the Guide.'
[The announcement names this character as Barney Bralligan.]
Albany [NY] Evening Times Oct. 30, 1869 p. 4 announcement column 2 ad+ column 6
Albany NY Evening Times 1869 Jul-Jun 1870 - 0353.pdf

This show and Robert Byrne cited as playing at Apollo Hall, NYC "for weeks," starting early January 1870, in Annals of the New York Stage by George C. D. Odell, Columbia Univ. Press 1936 vol. VIII p. 650. Annals vol. VIII has at least six other references to McEvoy of the Hibernicon.

Houston, TX Perkins' Theatre Jan. 15-16, 1873
City Items.
Perkins' Theatre.
"The Hibernicon of Mr. Charles Mac Evoy was even better last night than ever. The audience were kept in a continual titter by Mr. Acton Kelly's unsurpassed depiction of Irish character and pecularities....
"The imitation of the Irish bagpipe, by Miss Orton on the violin, was simply as beautiful as it was artistic.
"To-night -the last of the Hibernicon- each lady in the audience will be presented with a copy of the songs sung by the performers."
Houston [TX] Telegraph Jan. 16, 1873 p. column 2
Portal to Texas History

Decatur, IL Opera House Nov. 11-12, 1874
'[Frank] McEvoy's [New] Hibernicon.-This entertainmen drew a full house, and right well did the performance deserve it. ... Lawlor, as "Barney, the Guide," was immence, as were also E. Donahue and [Dan] Nash with their songs and Irish shillalah.... The performances of Nash, with his tin whistles and coffee-pot, were truly wonderful, and brought down the house with thundering applause.'
Decatur IL Daily Republican Nov. 12, 1874 p. 3 column 2
Ad this show:
Decatur IL Daily Republican Nov. 11, 1874 p. 2 column 5

Brooklyn, NY Atheneum March 17-18, 1880
Dramatic and Musical.
MacEvoy's Hibernicon.
"Last night's performance of MacEvoy's Hibernicon, at the Atheneum, filled the house to overflowing. ... This evening a repetition of the entertainment will be given, with several changes in the songs and other features. A genuine Irish piper will be one of the special attactions."
Brooklyn [NY] Daily Eagle March 18, 1880 p. 3 column 1

Decatur, IL Opera House Oct. 16, 1882
"After an absence of eight years MacEvoy's celebrated New Hibernicon [panorama] ... introducing the laughable comedy, Barney, the Guide ... by the Hibernian Comedy Company."
Decatur [IL] Daily Republican Oct. 12, 1882 p. 2 column 4

Variety and Minstrel Gossip.
"Frank Kenney, Irish Bag-piper with the McAvoy Hibernicon Co., met with a very severe accident at the Danville, Pa., Opera-house night of Sept. 28. Going out of the Opera-house he through mistake opened, as he supposed, the side door leading into the street, and fell about seven feet into an alley. He was ruptured and bruised."
New York Clipper Oct. 9, 1886 p. 475 column 2
New York NY Clipper 1885-1887 - 0909.pdf

New Philadelphia, OH Music Hall Oct. 30, 1886
"McAvoy's Hibernicon at Music Hall, Saturday night of this week. ... Two bands of music,-Brass band and an Irish piper band in parade at 2 o'clock in the afternoon."
New Philadelphia [OH] Times Oct. 28, 1886 p. 1 column 6

Brooklyn, NY Standard Museum April 2-7, 1888
"... McEvoy's Hibernicon fitted into the scheme for April 2nd-7th."
Odell, George C. D. Annals of the New York Stage, Columbia Univ. Press 1942 vol. XIII p. 574

Many references to MacEvoy, at least once styled as Frank MacEvoy, and the Hibernicon, the Original Hibernicon and New Hibernicon, 1872-74, in Annals of the New York Stage 1937 vol. IX. "Professor John McEvoy's Erinopticon" performing in Brooklyn in 1875-76, is mentioned in vol. X, pp. 147-49. Performances of McEvoy's Hibernicon 1876-78 mentioned in vol. X; 1880-81 mentioned in vol. XI; Annals vol. XII p. 203 mentions an engagement in 1883.

Other citations to the Hibernicon are listed in "Appendix: Database of Irish Vaudeville Acts 1865-1905" in Irish Stereotypes in Vaudeville, 1865-1905 by Jennifer Mooney, Palgrave Macmillan, 2015.

Howorth's Hibernica active 1906

World of Players.
"Howorth's Hibernica Notes.-F. W. Mindrope, manager of the Howorth Hibernica Co., will put out two companies next season. No. 1 company will carry twenty-six people, a band of sixteen, orchestra of ten, and fourteen acting people. Company No. 2 will carry sixteen people. No. 1 company will play the larger cities and towns, and No. 2 company will play the smaller towns. Will make a feature of street parades with No. 1 company. Two genuine Irish jaunting cars are carried, with Irish pipes, etc., and swell, new Irish pattern uniforms for the band. The season will open early in September with both companies near New York City. All new special printing for both attractions has been ordered."
New York Clipper July 7, 1906 p. 528 column 2
New York NY Clipper 1906 (752).pdf

The end of the road:

"PANORAMA OF IRELAND FOR SALE. Fifty scenes, 10x20 long; fine mechanical effects. Price $200. Address WELLS, Ventriloquist, Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco, Cal.; there till July 26; then care CLIPPER. Will get purchaser $75 to $100 a week in museums with panorama if you want it."
New York Clipper July 5, 1890 p. 268 column 3 ad+
Illinois Digital Newspaper Collections

Harrigan's Hibernian Company before Pat Touhey joined it circa 1873-1884

' "Jerry Cohan's Irish Hibernia," was the name of a troupe dad organized and started on tour when we finished with "Daniel Boone." With a panorama of Ireland, showing thirty-odd scenes, a couple of Irish bagpipers and a jaunting car, we toured the one-night stands for seven or eight months. My job with this show was driving the two mules hitched to the jaunting car on parade, and taking tickets at the front door, besides selling song books during the intermission.
'I got my first experience as an advertising agent with this show. Dad and I used to pass out handbills to the factory hands during the lunch hour, while the Irish bagpipers would drone their jigs and reels. When the "Hibernia" troupe closed, we went back to Keith's (1888).'
Cohan, George M. Twenty Years on Broadway And the years it took to get there Harper & Brothers NY (1924) p. 14

George M. may be conflating Harrigan's with an earlier effort by his father, "Jerry Cohan's Irish Minstrels"
New York Clipper June 16, 1883 p. 211 column 1
New York NY Clipper 1882-1884 - 0628.pdf

The Piping of Patsy Touhey quotes an article, "Still a 'Phenom.' " by Rennold Wolf from the New York Sunday Telegraph about George Cohan and "Jerry Cohan's Hibernica."
NY Sunday Telegraph Sep. 18, 1904 Magazine Section p. 6 column 1
New York NY Morning Telegraph 1904 - 0207

There was Healey & Cohan's Hibernia, also known as Healy & Cohan Hibernian Comedy Company, active 1873-74, as far as I can tell. Advertisements refer to Tim Cohan. This may be Jerry Cohan, or may not. First reference to Jerry Cohan with Healy & Cohan's Hibernia is Feb. 1875, below. There may be an earlier reference, Reading, PA Nov. 16-17, 1874, below, but records I have seen are not clear.

Reading, PA Grand Opera House Dec. 12-13, 1873
'Amusements. - Healey & Cohan's Hiberniana, or a Tour through Ireland, opened last night at the Grand Opera House, to a fair and much pleased audience. The scenery and incidents were well represented and an interesting descriptive lecture was given by Mr. John E. Healy. A pleasing variety entertainment was also given by the members of the Hibernia Comedy Company. A "Chicken Concert" on the Irish bagpipes was an amusing feature, and was loudly applauded. Altogether, the entertainment was the best thing in the panorama line that has been given in Reading for a long time. This afternoon there will be a matinee, the prices of admission to which will be 10 cents for children and 25 cents for adults. This evening the entertainment will close, and we advise all who wish to see and admire the beautiful scenery, &c., on canvas, of the Green Isle of the Ocean to attend.'
Reading [PA] Times and Dispatch Dec. 13, 1873 p. 4 column 1

Harrisburg, PA Grand Opera House Dec. 22-23, 1873
Healy & Cohan's Hibernian Comedy Company headed by Mr. Tim Cohan. Dr. J. E Henly, lecturer in description of the scenery. "Mr John Hicks, with Irish bag pipes."
Harrisburg [PA] Telegraph Dec. 22, 1873 p. 2 column 6 ad+

Wheeling, WV Hamilton's Opera House Dec. 29-31, 1873-Jan. 1, 1874
'The Beauties of Ireland. ... for the Opera House, commencing on next Monday evening, the Healy & Cohan Hibernian Comedy Company, of which an exchange speaks in the following favorable terms:
'A very large audience assembled at National Hall last evening, on the occasion of the first performance of the Hibernians. This is a peculiar entertainment, varied and pleasing to the general public, as their manifested satisfaction proved. The panorama posesses much scenic merit, a number of the views being picturesque and beautiful; among which we may mention Boston harbor, Sunset view of Kilkenny, Ruins of the Seven Churches on the Shannon, Glendalough, the Bridge and town of Bray, the Vale of Avoca, Carlingford on the Boyne, Tully Castle, Armagh, Loche Foyle, True Bay, and others. There was a profusion of music, presented in the popular form of song by the performers, all of whom were excellent in their respective roles. The two lady vocalists were in fine voice, and the ballads, pathetic and humorous, were well given. Particularly noticeable were "Come to the Shamrock Isle," "Mollie Darling," "My Heart is Over the Sea." Mr. Cohan, as the Guide, exerted himself to please the audience and succeeded. He is a good comedian, and his "handling" of his feet particularly in the African breakdown, Irish jig and German Valse, was inimitable. Mr. Price sang several songs most acceptably, and the Dutch duet between him and "Barney" created a furore of applause. Then there were airs on the Irish bagpipes, a curious but not very musical instrument, including the "Chicken Concert," and all interspersed with amusing dialogue. ...'
Wheeling [WV] Daily Intelligencer Dec. 25, 1873 p. 4 column 2 ad+ column 4
The ad has "Tim Cohan" and "John Hicks, with Irish Bag Pipes."

Other gigs:
Jersey City, NJ Nov. 15 - 16, 18, 1872
Hartford, CT April 14, 1873
Portland, ME May 12 - 14, 1873
South Providence, RI Aug. 29 - 30 1873
Reading, PA Dec 12 - 13, 1873
Harrisburg, PA Dec. 22 - 23, 1873
Cleveland, OH Jan 26 - 31, 1874
Columbus, OH Feb 16 - 17, 1874
Portsmouth, OH Feb 27 - 28, 1874
Madison, IN March 11 - 12, 1874
Columbus, IN March 13 - 14, 1874
Logansport, IN March 25 - 26, 1874
Elkhart, IN April 10 - 11, 1874
Marshall, MI April 18, 20, 1874
Providence, RI July 1874

The company probably split up in Summer 1874. Dr. Healy took his tableau out west. An engagement in Oakland, Ca., Sep. 10-12, 1874, for example:

Oakland, CA Brayton Hall Sep. 10-12, 1874
"Dr. Healy's Hibernian Gems Eighty-five Beautiful Views of Ould Ireland, Painted on Ten Thousand feet of moving canvas. Views from every county and every object in the Ould Sod, faithfully portrayed by the Irish Comedy Company, headed by ... [list of players]."
Oakland [CA] Evening Tribune Sep. 7, 1874 p. 2 column 3

Jerry Cohan apparently bought in to the company which stayed in the east. Perhaps a 2nd panorama was made which stayed in the east? See NY Clipper, Nov. 20, 1875, below.

Various gigs:
Scranton, PA Oct 10, 12, 1874
Providence, RI Oct. 13, 1874
Reading, PA Nov. 16 - 17, 1874 Mr. Jerry Cohan is mentioned.[?]
Sioux City, IA Nov. 28, 30, 1874
Quincy, IL Jan 2, 4, 1875

New Castle, Pa Opera House Jan 7, 1875
Healy & Cohan's Hibernia failed to appear "The concern had broken up in Ohio."
NY The Spirit of the Times Jan. 16, 1875 p. 554 column 2
New York NY Spirit Of Times 1875 Jan-Dec Grayscale - 0074.pdf

"Jerry Cohan, specialist, is open for an engagement. He also advertises that he will dispose of a half interest in his Hibernians."
New York Clipper Feb. 20, 1875 p. 375 column 5
New York NY Clipper 1873-1875 - 0793.pdf

"An Established Success Dr. J. E. Healy's Hibernian Gems. A new and magnificent work of art, representing the principal points of interest in Irish Scenery and History, together with the famous, genuine, original Jerry Cohan and his talented company [list of names].... The public and production[?] are warned against parties using some of our names in connection with an Irish panorama advertised for sale."
New York Clipper Nov. 20, 1875 p. 272 column 5 ad+
New York NY Clipper 1875-1877 - 1266.pdf

St. Johns, NF Sep. 1878
Healy's Hibernian Minstrels list of players not including Cohan.
New York Clipper Sep. 28, 1878 p. 215 column 5
New York NY Clipper 1879-1880 - 0632.pdf

Bangor, ME Opera House June 25, 1883
"Cohan, Sellon and Burns' Grand Triple Show. Including the Famous and Only Jerry Cohan's Irish Minstrels, Irish Brigade Band and Orchestra. Healy and Cohan's Hiberniana. The Best Panorma of Ireland's Scenery Extant."
Bangor [ME] Daily Whig and Courier June 20, 1883 p. 2 column 6 ad+

Brooklyn, NY The Standard Museum March 24-29, 1884
"Succeeding March allotments gave ... Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Cohan (24th-29th)...."
Odell, George C. D. Annals of the New York Stage, Columbia Univ. Press 1940 vol. XII p. 377

An indication that Jerry Cohan did other kinds of engagements during this period.

Selected references to Harrigan's Hibernian Company after Touhey had likely left it circa 1886-1890

"Season of 40 Weeks. Wanted for Harrigan's Hibernian Tourist Company Commencing [Tuesday] August 31 [1886], A Good Contracting-agent, Irish Comedian, 2[?] Sketch-artists, male and female; [etc.]..."
New York Clipper June 26, 1886 p. 239 column 3 ad+
New York NY Clipper 1885-1887 - 0668.pdf

ad for Harrigan's Double Hibernian Co., similar to others, but describing the parade as including along with pipers riding in a jaunting car, "Harrigan's Irish Brigade Band, W. C. Groves, Leader, escorted by Major Kibble, Military Drill Expert and Lightning Musket Juggler, at Noon. Free to All!"
Yonkers [NY] Statesman Sep. 3, 1886 p. 2 column 6 ad+
Yonkers NY Statesman 1886 - 0806.pdf

Red Bank, NJ Opera House Sept. 25, 1886
"On Saturday Evening Harrigan's Double Hibernian company of Irish and American comedians will play in the opera house. The play is of the variety order, and is entitled, "The Two Barneys: or Mulligan's Double." The two Barneys are twin brothers who have been separated since childhood. They are engaged as guides by a party of American tourists in Ireland, and although they do not meet until the conclusion of the play, yet they are continually taken for each other by their respective masters and sweethearts. There is some good Irish scenery introduced."
Red Bank [NJ] Register Sept. 22, 1886 p. 1 column 4
Middletown Township Public Library, N.J.

Chester, PA Holly Tree Hall Oct. 12, 1886
The Harrigan Tourists.
"Harrrigan's Hibernian Company drew a packed house at Holly Tree Hall last evening. ... The music of the Irish pipes elicited warm applause...."
Chester [PA] Evening Times Oct. 13, 1886 p. 4 column 6
Digital Archives of the Delaware County Library System

Ogdensburg, NY Opera House Oct. 28, 1886
Harrigan's Hibernians.
'Tomorrow evening will be a night of fun at the Opera House. The Woonsocket [RI] Reporter, speaking of Harrigan's Hibernians, says:
' "The panorama of Irish scenes forms a pleasing, though minor, portion of Harrigan's entertainment, the racy sketch of Irish life and character, as given by the company, being predominent. When the cast of characters was scanned over, and the names of Jerry Cohan and his talented wife, Dave and Clara Williams, Geo. Leslie, Frank Duffy Will Bamford, John Harney, the Irish piper, and others, a good show was assured...." '
Odgensburg [NY] Journal Oct. 27, 1886 p. 4 announcement column 5 ad+ column 6
NYS Historic Newspapers
This Woonsocket Reporter review may be describing the show after Touhey left.
Another announcement this show:
"Harrigan's Hibernian Tourists Co. appear in this city to-night...." [Oct. 28] Quoting from The Miners' Journal, of Pottsville, Pa [undated], "The bagpipe playing of Pat Toohey and John Hagan was a revelation to many who thought they had heard bagpipes before...."
Ogdensburg N.Y. Advance and Democrat Oct. 28, 1886 p. 5 column 3
ogdensburg-advance-1886 - 0341.pdf

Note: The first known use of this Miner's Journal review was in the Reading, PA Daily Times and Dispatch, Jan. 22, 1886 p. 4 column 3
Harrigan was using this review and description in promotional material as late as Oct. 1889, by which time the show had changed considerably.
Scranton [PA] Republican Oct. 21, 1889 p. 2 column 3
The review also used here:
Harrigan's Double Company.
"At Fehr's Opera House, on Friday evening, Sept. 3d, will appear Harrigan's Double Hibernian Company, which last year gave one of the most amusing and instructive entertainments ever held here. The Pottsville Miners' Journal says...."
Port Chester [NY] Journal Sep. 2, 1886 p. 1 column 7
Port Chester NY Journal 1885-1886 - 0575.pdf
The possible Port Chester engagement, 1885, not counted as a gig for Pat Touhey.

Elyria, OH Elyria Operahouse Dec. 6, 1886
"Dec. 6th, '86 Harrigan's Double Hibernian ! Company...." variant of usual ad, including ' "Cuponti" the Hindoo Wonder, In feats of Juggling.' Also an article, column 3, reprinting a review from the Hazelton Pa. Sentinel, Oct. 9th. Describes the show in some detail, mentions bagpipers, but no names.
Elyria [OH] Daily Telephone Nov. 30, 1886 p. 3 column 3 ad column 4

Ypsilanti, MI Opera House Jan 1, 1887
Ypsilanti [MI] Commercial Dec. 31 1886 p. 5, column 6

Lockport, NY Hodge Opera House Monday Jan. 17, 1887
Harrigan's Double Hibernian Company
Typical ad; just below it an ad for W. H. Power's Company, "The Ivy Leaf" at Hodge Opera House, one night only, Jan. 19.
Lockport [NY] Daily Journal Jan. 17, 1887 p. 2 column 5
Lockport NY Daily Journal 1886 Nov-Mar 1887 - 0272.pdf

Auburn, NY Academy of Music Jan. 25, 1887
'Tuesday Evening, January 25, Harrigan's Double Hibernian Company! ... Watch for the Grand Parade. Greatest team of Bagpipes ever from Old Ireland, riding on a Rale Ould Jaunting Car, drawn by Ulster ponies, "Dublin Jackeen" and "Mullingar." '
Auburn [NY] Bulletin Jan. 24, 1887 p. ? column 5 ad+
Newspaper Auburn NY Daily Bulletin 1887 - 0078.PDF

Port Chester, NY Fehers' Opera House April 15, 1887
"Fehers' Opera House One Night Only, Friday April 15 Harrigan's Double Hibernian Co. ... Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Cohan Supported by a strong Comedy Comedy... Watch for the Grand Parade Greatest Team of Bagpipers ever from O[ld Ire?]land. ... Thos. Harrigan, Proprietor. Jerry Cohan, Manager."
Port Chester [NY] Journal April 14, 1887 p. 5 column 7 ad+
Port Chester NY Journal 1887-1888 - 0118.pdf

Fort Wayne, IN Academy [Theatre?] Nov. 9, 1887
'Fort Wayne. ... At the Academy, "Keep it Dark" played to good business 10,11,12, as did Harrigan's Tourists 9. ... One of the attractions of Harrrigan's Tourists is a panoramic view of interesting Irish scenes.They also make a street parade with several persons playing Irish bagpipes.'
New York Clipper Nov. 19, 1887 p. 569 column 3
Illinois Digital Newspaper Collections

Brazil, IN Music Hall Nov. 26, 1887
"At Music Hall, Saturday evening, Nov. 26th. Harrigan's Tourist Co. of Irish, American, German and Swiss Comedians, eight in number, and two Colleens, two Guides, two Pipers and six Musicians. ..."
Brazil IN Clay County Enterprise Nov. 23, 1887 p. 3 column 4

Decatur, IL Dec. 6, 1887
Local News. "The Harrigan Tourists to visit Decatur Tuesday evening are now on their third annual tour."
Decatur [IL] Daily Republican Dec. 2, 1887 p. 6 column 1

Bridgeton, NJ Wilson's Opera House Sep. 15, 1889
Mentions "... the child wonder, Josie Cohan...."
Bridgeton [NJ] Evening News Sept. 16, 1889 p. 4 column 4

Lockport NY Hodge Opera House Feb. 21, 1890
Harrigan's Hibernian Tourist Company
Quotes from a review in The Sun of Scranton, Pa.:
"... Fitzpatrick, the bagpiper, struck to the core of Irish hearts."
Lockport [NY] Daily Journal Feb. 17, 1890 p. 3 column 6
Lockport NY Daily Journal 1889 Nov-Mar 1890 - 0375.pdf
Similar announcements, likewise quoting from the review in the Scranton Pa. Sun for performance in Brockport, NY, "next week,"
Brockport [NY] Republic Feb. 13, 1890 p. 3 column 6
For performance in Bath, NY at the Casino, Feb. 28, 1890,
Bath NY Steuben Courier Feb. 28, 1890 p. 3 column 1
Bath NY Steuben Courier 1887-1890 - 0667.pdf
For performance in Ithaca, NY at the Opera House, March 4, 1890,
Ithaca [NY] Daily Journal March 4, 1890 p. 3 column 3


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